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Freedom Counseling

As a church, we understand that people in our community are struggling with a variety of issues in their lives such as: marriage, parenting, addiction, suffering, emotions, and guilt to name a few. It is easy to let the issues of life overwhelm us and to feel isolated in our struggles. We often try to do it on our own but seem to constantly be met with failure; but at the same time, we’re afraid of asking for help because we don’t want others to be burdened with our problems.

That is why Liberty Baptist Church has implemented Freedom Counseling- counseling with a central focus on the Word of God. We believe that we should meet people where they are and seek to bear each other’s burdens. We believe that God has called us to support one another and to lift each other up as we serve Him during our time here.

Through Biblical counseling, our main goal is to develop or restore a right relationship between the counselee and the Lord. We believe that lasting change in someone’s life can only be done by the inner working of the Holy Spirit. By developing or restoring a right relationship with God, we want to allow God to do what only He is able to do.

We are also convinced that God has given us all we need in order to know Him and to live in a way that pleases Him, and that there is HOPE and HELP for anyone who humbly submits to God’s truth.

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Are you struggling today? Freedom Counseling is available to anyone who is willing to take steps toward God and let Him work in their life.

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